Sonora Auto Repair Specials for Affordable Auto Repair

One of the reasons why we're Sonora's favorite Ford dealership is because we're always looking at how we can save our valued customers money.  So, no matter whether you need a routine service for your Ford, or you're hunting for some auto repair coupons so you can maintain your car, we have a range of servicing and maintenance coupons to suit your needs.
Power Steering Fluid Exchange $149.95

Steering fluid can, even under normal driving conditions, suffer from friction, electrochemical...

100K Mile Club Service 10% Off

If your Ford has more than 100,000 miles on it, we'll give it a full inspection.

Major Service Special $50.00 Off

It's important to have you Ford serviced at regular intervals to ensure that it continues to run.

Synthetic Oil and Filter Change $59.95
Front Drive Belt Service 10% Off

It's essential to have your Ford front drive belt serviced at regular intervals.

Genuine Ford Accessory Installation 10% Off

We're here for all your Ford service, repair, parts, accessories, and installation needs.

Ford All-Wheel Alignment Service $109.95

A great way to improve your overall driving experience is with an all-wheel alignment.

Genuine Ford Air Filter Service $69.95

For a limited time at Sonora Ford, you can have a fresh Genuine Ford Cabin Air Filter installed.

Air Conditioning Service $159.95

There's hot and then there's Northern California hot.

Not only that, but we regularly offer special discounts on services and parts, making it more affordable than ever before to keep your car in great condition. We even offer some basic diagnostic services like battery testing and brake inspections for free, so you know exactly what kind of maintenance you need.
What's more, we can even offer you affordable auto repair services that will qualify you for rebates by mail. We all like receiving money in the post, and getting paid for regular maintenance and servicing makes this even better!

Sonora Auto Repair Specials and Financing

We know that keeping your car on the road can be pricey at the best of times, let alone when the worst happens and you're faced with a hefty repair bill. That's why we've teamed up with Sunbit to help keep you moving with affordable financing options. By using our financing options, you can make sure your car runs safely and efficiently without worrying about breaking the bank every time your regular servicing date comes around.