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Of all the problems that a vehicle may face, car AC problems cause the most discomfort to the driver and passengers. No matter what the weather is in Sonora, if your car has an air conditioning problem, unlike other issues, it will be immediately felt by everyone. Unfortunately, an air conditioning problem in a car is also one of the toughest problems to repair. But with the service of experienced car AC technicians at Sonora Ford, you have nothing to worry about.
If your vehicle has an AC issue of if your car heater isn’t working well, the Sonora Ford team will get to work using the latest equipment. We have been in Sonora for a long time. We know the area, we know its roads and its weather. So we know what kind of problems a car AC or heater is likely to develop here. That experience makes it easy for us to solve the problem and easy for you to trust us.
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Understanding AC and Heater Problems

If there is a problem with a car AC or heater, you will soon notice it. It may be warmer than usual, which could be due to a problem with the airflow. The underlying issue may be electrical, or it could be that the radiator’s fans aren’t working. It could also be due to the air filter getting clogged.
If the coolant isn’t in prime condition, it will damage the air conditioning system, including its belts and hoses. This frequently results in water pump problems. Most people mistakably assume that if there’s a leak in the system, all it needs is some sealing. What’s needed is a comprehensive assessment of the quality of the coolant, filter, and the hoses and belts.

The A to Z of Car AC Repair in Sonora

The qualified and experienced car AC mechanics at Sonora Ford don’t look for the easy way out. Unlike most inexperienced mechanics, we won’t just apply a sealant and make it look like the AC’s back in excellent condition. We will find out the quality of the coolant and recommend its draining and refilling. We will also figure out if the AC compressor is functioning properly. Along with that, we will assess the condition of the wiring.
The Sonora Ford team will also thoroughly service the cleaning system to see if there are any leaks in the system. We will also rigorously clean all the parts to ensure that nothing disrupts the airflow. The refrigerant we use will be of the right type for your car. Once that’s done, we will make the AC work at multiple temperature settings. Our team will then take a detailed report of the temperature inside and make sure that your car AC is now at its functional best.

Comprehensive Repair by Certified Mechanics

AC repairing is one of the most challenging jobs that auto mechanics face. That’s the reason we’ve built a team of qualified, experienced and certified professionals who have worked on all kinds of vehicles. A car AC repair job, if not done well, will lead to wastage of the owner’s time and money. We take pride in our attention to detail and the thorough assessments that give us the exact nature of the problem.
Once we know that, we will share that with the car owner, with the necessary – and reasonable – cost involved. Only then will we start the next step of the process. Importantly, if you want your car AC to function at optimal levels, don’t wait for a problem to crop up. Just bring it around for a service and we will make sure that you won’t have any car AC problems in the future.

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