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Where Can I Get Belts and Hose Repair in Sonora, CA?

The belts and hoses in your Ford will undoubtedly degrade over time, which is why you must find certified Ford technicians to take care of your vehicle at regular intervals. At Sorona Ford, we only use genuine Ford belts and hoses, meaning your car will always run at its peak.
7:30 am – 5:30 pm
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7:30 am – 5:30 pm

Replacing Timing Belts in Sonora, CA

Because timing belts undergo a lot of stress in your Ford’s engine, it’s not easy to answer how often they should be replaced. If you’re a California driver that drives frequently or only drives long-distance journeys, then at Sonora Ford we recommend that you look to replace your timing belt on a more regular basis.
The signs that your timing belt can be difficult to spot, so you need to be mindful of these before you end up calling a breakdown service in California. If you hear whirring or a high-pitched shrieking sound from your engine or have difficulty starting your car, we recommend that you drive to Sonora Ford, where one of our Ford technicians in California can diagnose any issues with your timing belt.

Replacing Serpentine/V-Belts in California

As with timing belts, the amount of time that you spend driving regularly, as well as how many trips you make on a regular basis, can affect how long your serpentine or V-belts last. However, these parts can also be affected by the driving conditions of California roads and your driving style. If you’re worried about these parts and want a qualified technician to take a look at your engine, we have regular offers on diagnostics checks at Sonora Ford.

Replacing Radiator Hoses at Sonora Ford, CA

Your radiator hoses ensure that hot coolant from your engine is piped through your car’s radiators efficiently before it’s transported back when the coolant has lost heat. Leaking radiator hoses are a major cause of breakdowns in California, and they can also be extremely costly to repair. At Sonora Ford, we recommend that you get your radiator hoses serviced by a Ford technician in California every four years or 60,000 miles.

Need To Book a Hose or Belt Repair in Sonora, California?

At Sonora Ford, we’re proud to only use certified Ford parts in all of our Ford servicing in California. With regular servicing offers and coupons available on both regular and one-off services, as well as financing deals available on servicing and maintenance, keeping your California Ford in top condition has never been more affordable. You can find our current offers here, or drive down to Sonora Ford to speak to our expert team about servicing your Ford in California.

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