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Converting A Ford Transit To A Camper Van: Why It’s The Best Choice


Ford Transit is one of our favorite campers. When we finally decided on our Transit, we did a lot of comparisons with Sprinters and Promasters. The Transit provided the best overall vehicle for our van conversion, despite having its pros and cons.


Largest Interior Height for Van Conversions

In choosing our van, internal height was one of the most important factors. Here are some reasons why:

-Having more clearance above our heads was the most critical to reducing claustrophobic feelings, which make long-term van life more possible.

-You can build larger upper cabinets with a higher ceiling, which helps increase overall storage.

-Because of your insulation, ceiling, and flooring materials, your van’s internal height won’t be the actual internal height of your finished camper van.


Ford Transit Vans Are Great Value!

Our goal was to buy a brand new van and we felt that the price point for a new Ford Transit was much better than those of its competitors.

The Mercedes Sprinter would have cost about $7,000 to $10,000 more than our Ford Transit van. We could have used those savings for better construction materials.

We paid only about $2,000-$3,000 more for a van with a better build, better engine, and more ground clearance than a Ram Promaster.


Ford Transits Have Cheaper Repair Bills

Diesel engines are one of the biggest reasons for the Sprinter’s high repair bills, should something break or malfunction.

Since the diesel engine is equipped with state-of-the-art digital sensors, pollution filters, and controls, likely only an authorized Sprinter repair shop will be able to service the van should anything go wrong. And diesel parts may have to be ordered, adding to the cost and wait time.

Choosing the Ford Transit camper van and its gasoline engine avoided all that hassle and costs. Should anything go wrong, we can take our van to most repair shops rather than finding authorized mechanics.



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