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Oil Change Service at Sonora Ford. Protect Your Engine Seamlessly

Every oil change at Sonora Ford is done with expertise and dedication. The reason behind this high level of service is we know just how crucial oil is to the normal functioning of any car engine. Oil is used for reducing friction, lubricating metal components of the engine, plus lessening wear and tear. Without the cleansing and lubricating action of engine oil, you risk the dangerous buildup of carbon, vanish and damaging friction.
Our oil change service here at Sonora Ford is designed to keep your engine running efficiently while minimizing emissions. With your engine running smoothly, you can expect a prolonged lifespan. This is the eventual goal of oil change at Sonora Ford.
Keep your car engine in the best possible condition; change your motor oil at regular intervals.
7:30 am – 5:30 pm
7:30 am – 5:30 pm
7:30 am – 5:30 pm
7:30 am – 5:30 pm
7:30 am – 5:30 pm

What is the Cost of Oil Change?

Here at Sonora Ford, it is complicated to discuss the price of oil change without taking a look at the vehicle. Many times, the cost of oil change is a factor of the model of the car, the type of car oil used, and other specialized components or characteristics that might be present.

Here's a pricing range to guide you:

Oil change services near you should range from $20-$100. Where conventional oil is used, you may not have to pay more than about $40 (before labor and installation). However, if synthetic oil is used, oil change prices might increase to about $85 for the service, excluding shop charges and labor. If you have questions about oil change prices, our service technicians are always happy to talk you through the process.

One thing’s for sure – the cost of oil change is totally worth it. At Sonora, we go the extra mile by making payment easier for our customers. Our oil change Sonora specials and oil change coupons will help you get more done for less!

Our oil change services are not limited to any make or model of vehicle. The expertise and experience of our mechanics mean we can handle oil change regardless of the vehicle, and at affordable prices, too!

Oil Change Sonora: What to Expect

When you take advantage of oil change specials at Sonora, you can have your car’s oil flushed and refreshed while having other maintenance work done. Sonora Ford is here to save you time and money on vehicle maintenance!

How Long Do Oil Changes Take?

Sonora oil changes may take up to 50 minutes. Mostly, this extended time covers filter and oil change in addition to quality checks. If you are going with oil change specials that include tire rotation, expect another 15-20 minutes of quality work.

Types of Motor Oil We Use

Sonora oil change coupons may reduce the price you have to pay out of pocket. However, there’s no reduction in the quality of service to expect. It all starts with evaluating the best grade of engine oil to use.

Oil change experts in Sonora use different types of oils, including conventional oil, synthetic oil, cost-saving synthetic oil, high-mileage oil.

Worried about which type of oil is the best for you? Each type offers different levels of performance and engine protection. Furthermore, it can also affect the time in between oil changes.

Conventional Motor Oil

It comes from crude oil and has different additives. Sonora oil change experts will determine if this is best for your vehicle.

Synthetic Motor Oil

Man-made oil that is the result of careful manufacturing processes. Synthetic oils contain certain additives that protect the engine. Furthermore, it is specially created to reduce harmful emissions.

High Mileage Motor Oil

This is available even with Sonora oil change coupons. It contains anti-wear compounds that help to extend engine life for vehicles with high mileage ratings. There are both conventional and synthetic blends available. Let an expert Sonora mechanic help you select the best motor oil for your car. With us, vehicle owners can rest assured they are getting oil that is up to manufacturer specifications.

Here are a few other signs you need a Sonora Oil Change

  • Dashboard indicator: Newer vehicles have a feature that reminds you when it’s time to change the oil.
  • Dark oil: Fresh oil should be transparent and light brown. On the other hand, old or dirty oil is black and opaque. Change your oil as soon as it becomes black.
  • Overheating: Poor engine lubrication will make your engine work harder. This leads to overheating.
  • Grinding noises: The red-alert metal on metal sound is a sign of friction in your engine. Essentially, oil levels are too low and the engine needs attention from a mechanic.

Why Choose Sonora Oil Change

Here’s why we are the leading provider of oil change service:


We make it easy to find the time to change the oil in your vehicle. Sonora Ford’s oil change service offers the chance to book appointments online and via phone call. We also take a number of daily walk-in appointments. Enjoy our relaxing waiting room, complete with Wi-Fi and refreshments, while we change your vehicle’s oil.


With the complexity in today’s car engines, even the seemingly simple process of oil change requires a complete knowledge of the vehicle engine. As a result, our mechanics have this knowledge coupled with the expertise, tools and tech necessary to navigate complex engines the first time around!

More Value

Oil change Sonora specials come with added benefits such as checking for tire tear, tire rotation, fluid level checks and wiper blade maintenance.

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Write a note below and one of our friendly service experts will get you an answer.

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